Quick release skewer springs wrong way?

Quick release skewers are found on many modern bikes. If you’ve only ever had wheels with nuts, this can seem a bit confusing. The lever that releases the wheels goes through the axle. You may have noticed that there are two quick release skewer springs at the ends of the axle.  In this article we … Read more

Bike skewer installation

Sometimes a bike won’t have hexagonal nuts holding the wheels onto the frame. Instead there is a skewer that runs through the axle and this has a lever to hold the wheels in place. In this article we are going to look at bike skewer installation and help you to fit the skewers so that … Read more

How to remove rear bike wheel

Fitting a new tube? Changing your tyre? Putting on a new cassette? All of these jobs involve taking off your back wheel.  If you want to know how to remove rear bike wheel, this article will take you through the process. Tools required for bicycle rear wheel removal Cross head screwdriver. This is to loosen any handlebar … Read more

Deflated tyre – 5 methods to stop getting punctures

Deflated tyre is a common and a frustrating  occurrence for many cyclists. But is it possible to prevent it? In this article we are going to see how to stop bike wheel getting flat and discuss different puncture protection options. Finding the reason of a deflated tyre If you are getting constant punctures then first … Read more

How to take front wheel off bike

Whether you have a puncture to repair or want to transport your bike you might want to remove the front wheel. What looks like a simple task can become a bit tricky especially if you have an electric motor or a dynamo hubs.. But don’t worry, in this article our experts will show you how … Read more

How to fix a bike puncture

How to fix a bike puncture

Getting a puncture doesn’t have to mean that your ride is over. With a bit of effort and knowledge you can be back on the road in no time. If you want to learn how to fix a bike puncture, you have come to the right place.  What can cause a puncture? Penetration by a … Read more

How to true a bicycle wheel

how to true a bicycle wheel

If you have a wheel that isn’t running true, then it is sometimes possible to adjust the spoke nipples to improve it. It is a job that has to be done carefully and methodically, and we are here to show you how to true a bicycle wheel.   Spotting the buckled wheel right away is … Read more

Bicycle Spokes Explained

bicycle spokes

Bicycle Spokes play a crucial role in a wheel. Because they do such a good job, spokes are often ignored, until, that is, they start failing. This causes the wheel to lose strength and integrity and eventually your bike can become unrideable. What are bicycle spokes? Bicycle spokes are the thin rods that radiate from … Read more

How to put a front wheel on a bike

how to put a front wheel on a bike

Hopefully refitting the front wheel will be straight forward, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to want to go in. This is particularly frustrating if you had no problems removing it! Fortunately, Cycle Maintenance Academy is here to show you how to put a front wheel on a bike with whatever brakes or wheel fastenings … Read more

How to pump bike tyres

How to pump bike tyres

Knowing how to pump bike tyres is an excellent skill to have when it comes to cycle maintenance, but this begs the question ‘why do we need to pump our tyres’? Cycling on under inflated tyres makes the tyre rubber “stick” to the road and slows you down.  This could be an advantage on muddy … Read more