How to adjust bike disc brakes

how to adjust bike disc brakes

Knowing how to adjust bike disc brakes is a useful task that will definitely come in handy if you are a regular cyclist. It is one of those tasks that is simple to learn but requires patience to master. Don’t give up! Before you attempt to adjust your disc brakes, you will need to ascertain … Read more

Bike rotor – different types, sizes and shapes

Disc brake pads together with a bike rotor, deliver great braking power. In this article you will learn about why there are many different shapes and sizes of disc rotors and how to replace them. When the pads hit the bike rotor heat is generated from the braking action and it has to be dispersed. … Read more

Bike Disc Brake Pad Replacement

bike disc brake pad

If your brakes are squeaky or not performing very well you may need to replace the pads. In this blog we are going to look at bike disc brake pad replacement. Before you jump on the task, watch our video on how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking as just replacing the pads may … Read more

Bike Brake Adjustment

bike brake adjustment

To make your brakes work to their optimum, there are 3 bike brake adjustment. Learn everything you need to know about bike brake adjustment with the team at Cycle Maintenance Academy. Pad position– To achieve the maximum braking power the whole surface of the pad should hit the rim. Too high, and it may rub … Read more

Bike brake cable replacement

Bike brake cable replacement

Bicycle brakes are an integral part of a bike because they are what stops it from moving. If they don’t work properly, they will need to be fixed before you can safely use your bike again. A bike brake stops the bicycle from moving by jamming rubber (rim brakes) or metal and fibres (disc brakes) … Read more

How to change brake pads

How to change brake pads

Brake pads are an integral part of stopping. They rub against the wheel rim, causing friction that slows down the wheel. This process, together with the heat generated, wears the pad’s surface and, eventually, the rim surface.  If the pads are worn beyond the wear line or the grooves are no longer visible then it’s … Read more

How to Stop Bicycle Disc Brakes From Squeaking

how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking

Most disc brake users have had issues with squeaking brakes. So, today we are going to look at how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking, why it happens and what to do about it. Why do the disc brakes squeak? Contamination. This happens when brake pads and the disc rotors get in contact with … Read more

How to stop bike brakes from squeaking

how to stop bike brakes from squeaking

Do your brakes squeal like a pig when you apply them? Maybe you’re wondering If you can stop it. In this article we are going to be discussing the reasons behind squeaky brakes and more importantly how to stop bike brakes from squeaking. Embedded aluminium  Over time tiny shards of aluminium from the rim can … Read more

Bike Disc Brake, Hydraulic or Cable?

bike disc brake

Here at Cycle Maintenance Academy we get lots of questions about bicycle maintenance and one of the main things we get asked about is disk brakes. Understanding basic cycle maintenance is a useful skill to have, not to mention the fact it can save you a lot of money. When it comes to bike tyres … Read more