Our promise

This is what you can expect from our courses:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of how to take care of your bike and carry out all the basic repairs right away and with confidence.

  • A step by step, easy to follow learning process

  • Full support from our highly experienced and knowledgeable team on every step of the way.


Glynis Francis

National Women's Sprint Champion

Mary's classes can draw in even the most reluctant bike owner. This new programme is crisp, clear and clever - appealing to different learning styles and you can move at your one pace!

Heather Bamforth

Cycle Maintenance Basics is a really good course. Easy to understand, in bite size chunks that are easy to take in. Great use of quizzes to test your knowledge. Great work!

Meet our team


Mary Clark

Hi I'm Mary, your cycle maintenance instructor. I've been in the bike industry for over 35 years now. During my career as a cycle maintenance instructor, I have taught hundreds of people how to maintain bikes and helped over hundred students get a national standard qualification and become professional cycle mechanics. in 2019 I was included in the Cycling UK list of the top 100 women in cycling for my status as one of the best female cycle mechanics in Britain. 


Sarah Bingham

Hi, I'm Sarah, cycle instructor and mechanic with years of experience. I've taught hundreds of people in all ages how to cycle and take care of their bikes. I am also a graphic designer and illustrator and I'm behind all the drawings and animations in our online courses. Hope you enjoy my work:)


Arek Bartniczak

Hi, I'm Arek and I'm a qualified bicycle mechanic with 11 years of experience. For more than a decade I've been running an independent bicycle shop helping thousands of people to maintain their cycles. My other interest is in video editing and I am behind the production side of this course.

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