BMX Bottom Bracket

bmx bottom bracket

The type of bottom bracket generally found in a BMX is often referred to as “one piece” or “Ashtabula”. One piece refers to the crank and axle as they are a single unit and Ashtabula refers to Ashtabula County in Ohio where the BMX bottom brackets were made along with other bicycle parts. Preparation Lift … Read more

Bike brake cable replacement

Bike brake cable replacement

Bicycle brakes are an integral part of a bike because they are what stops it from moving. If they don’t work properly, they will need to be fixed before you can safely use your bike again. A bike brake stops the bicycle from moving by jamming rubber (rim brakes) or metal and fibres (disc brakes) … Read more

Bike cassette removal

bike cassette removal

Bike cassette removal is an important part of cycle maintenance, but you may be wondering how to remove a bike cassette and why do we need to do it? Here are some of the reasons why you might need to remove a bike cassette: To wash it- A clean cassette will look and perform better. … Read more

How to replace road bike handlebar tape

how to replace road bike handlebar tape

Unlike the grips fitted to flat bars, because of their shape, drop handlebars are wrapped with a special tape that provides a layer of cushioning for your hands. This makes learning how to replace road bike handlebar tape a useful skill when it comes to maintaining your bicycle.  Reasons why you might need to know … Read more

Names of bicycle parts

names of bicycle parts

Every part on a bicycle has a name. Some names of bicycle parts will be familiar and are used regularly in speech. Wheels, tyres and brakes for example.  Other words are used in different contexts such as cassette, flip-flop and dropout. Some words will be totally new to everyone except for the most ardent cyclist … Read more

Correct height for bike seat and handlebars

Correct height for bike seat and handlebars

Today we are looking at the correct height for bike seat and handlebars. Having your saddle and handlebars set at the wrong height can make your bike uncomfortable, inefficient and off putting. A saddle that is too low can cause knee strain and a saddle too high can cause hip pain. If the handlebars aren’t … Read more

Bicycle Inner Tubes

bicycle inner tubes

What is the purpose of bicycle inner tubes? An inner tube is basically a balloon with a valve. A standard tyre is not airtight, so bicycle inner tubes keep the air in your tyre. Currently the pneumatic system is the most energy efficient way to encase a wheel.  Quite a lot of bikes are now … Read more

How to Stop Bicycle Disc Brakes From Squeaking

how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking

Most disc brake users have had issues with squeaking brakes. So, today we are going to look at how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking, why it happens and what to do about it. Why do the disc brakes squeak? Contamination. This happens when brake pads and the disc rotors get in contact with … Read more

How to pump up a Presta valve

how to pump up a presta valve

While many of you may know how to pump up a bicycle tyre, some valves can be more difficult than others.  Before you can pump your tyres you will need to check which valve your bike has. There are two common valves, Presta and Schrader. In this case we are going to be explaining how to … Read more

How to stop bike brakes from squeaking

how to stop bike brakes from squeaking

Do your brakes squeal like a pig when you apply them? Maybe you’re wondering If you can stop it. In this article we are going to be discussing the reasons behind squeaky brakes and more importantly how to stop bike brakes from squeaking. What are the main causes of squeaky brakes? There are a number … Read more