Bent valves on a bike wheel

bent valves

Properly Inflated tyres not only give you the most efficient ride and reduce the wear on the sidewalls, they also stop your tyre slipping round the rim and giving you bent valves. In this article we will be look at why it happens, how it happens and how to stop it happening. If you’ve spotted … Read more

Deflated tyre – 5 methods to stop getting punctures

Deflated tyre is a common and a frustrating  occurrence for many cyclists. But is it possible to prevent it? In this article we are going to see how to stop bike wheel getting flat and discuss different puncture protection options. Finding the reason of a deflated tyre If you are getting constant punctures then first … Read more

Crank arms installation

hollwtech II crank arms

There are many types of crank arms for your bike. Learn about all the differences between crank arms to choose the correct replacement and find out how to install it on your bike. If you need to remove your left crank arm first and want a help then you can find a clear guidance on … Read more

How to take front wheel off bike

Whether you have a puncture to repair or want to transport your bike you might want to remove the front wheel. What looks like a simple task can become a bit tricky especially if you have an electric motor or a dynamo hubs.. But don’t worry, in this article our experts will show you how … Read more

Bike grips removal

how to remove old bike grips

If your handlebar grips have a sticky feeling this indicates the deterioration of the rubber. The only solution is replacing them as cleaning the bike grips will not solve the problem.  Removing push on bike grips Preparation. If there is a bar end plug then remove it. For the bar ends with a screw in … Read more

Bike helmet straps too long

When you get your first cycle helmet, it can seem confusing. Which way round does the helmet fit, bike helmet straps too long, too many buckles and adjusters.  In this article we will look at how to fit a bike helmet correctly and what to do if it doesn’t seem to fit properly. It is … Read more

Cycling safety equipment

cycling safety equipment cover

One of the reasons that may discourage you from cycling is safety. However using cycling safety equipment will make you feel more confident and visible when on a bike. From helmets and high-visibility clothing to locks and lights, these cycle accessories will help you and your bike stay protected. Read on to discover what’s available … Read more

Quill stem replacement

quill stem

If your riding position position doesn’t feel quite right then you might change some components to improve it. One of them could be a quill stem. In this article we will show you the science behind it, how to choose a replacement and how to fit it. To change your upper body position. you can … Read more