About Us

Hi, we are Mary, Sarah and Arek, a team of dedicated cyclists, mechanics and instructors from Manchester, UK. For years we have been helping people to take care of their cycles through our work.

I’m Mary,

your cycle maintenance instructor.
I’ve been in the bike industry for over 35 years now. During my career as a cycle maintenance instructor, I have taught hundreds of people how to maintain bikes and helped over hundred students get a national standard qualification and become professional cycle mechanics.
in 2019 I was included in the Cycling UK list of the top 100 women in cycling for my status as one of the best female cycle mechanics in Britain. 

I’m Sarah,

cycle instructor and mechanic with years of experience. I’ve taught hundreds of people in all ages how to cycle and take care of their bikes. I am also a graphic designer and illustrator and I’m behind all the drawings and animations in our online courses. Hope you enjoy my work:)

I’m Arek,

i’m a qualified bicycle mechanic with 11 years of experience. For more than a decade I’ve been running an independent bicycle shop helping thousands of people to maintain their cycles. My hobbies are skim boarding and video editing. I am behind the production side of any video content you find.