Bicycle Inner Tubes

bicycle inner tubes

What are bicycle inner tubes made of? Latex inner tubes –  Latex is a natural rubber that is lighter weight than butyl and more expensive. The tubes are very elastic and lightweight and they are used to reduce rolling resistance. However, they lose air quicker than butyl tubes and usually can’t be repaired once they … Read more

How To Change A Bike Tyre

how to change a bike tyre

Is your tyre worn out? Have you treated yourself with more puncture protection? Either way, at some point you will need to remove the old tyre on your bicycle to fit a new one. Find out how to change a bike tyre this easily and effectively with our step by step guide. Why do we … Read more

How to pump up a Presta valve

how to pump up a presta valve

While many of you may know how to pump up a bicycle tyre, some valves can be more difficult than others.  Before you can pump your tyres you will need to check which valve your bike has. There are two common valves, Presta and Schrader. In this case we are going to be explaining how to … Read more

How To Put Back Wheel On Bike

how to put back wheel on bike

Knowing how to replace a back wheel on a bike is a useful skill to have you use your bike regularly. You may need to change an inner tube or tyre and being able to replace the wheel is an important part of this. Cycle Maintenance Academy have put this guide together on how to … Read more

Bike Tyre Pressure Explained

bike tyre pressure

When it comes to bike tyre pressure, the bottom line is that air is being lost constantly. However, this air is being lost at a very slow rate which means you may not have even realised that your bicycle tyre is deflating. In this article we are going to be discussing the basics of bike … Read more

How To Use a Bike Pump

how to use a bike pump

In this article we are going to be discussing our tips on how to use a bike pump. The article will cover how to pump bike tyres with both a Presta valve and a Schrader valve. For a Presta valve you will either need a Presta only pump or a normal air pump with a … Read more

Different Types of Bike Pumps and Pump Heads

different types of pumps and pump heads

In this article we are going to be discussing different types of bike pumps and pump heads. The reason we need to pump tyres is because tyres are filled with air and the correct pressure can handle any terrain. However, tyres sometimes suffer from pressure loss meaning a pump is needed to replace the air. … Read more

Bike Valves- Everything You Need To Know

bike valves

Bike Valves are a cycling essential that can be found in high pressure road bikes and some mountain bicycle’s inner tubes. The purpose of the valve is to control the amount of air in an inner tube. Today we are going to discuss all things bike valves from why they exist, what they do and … Read more

Bike Tyre Tread Direction

bike tyre tread direction

When it comes to cycling and cycle maintenance, a question we get asked frequently is: does the bike tyre tread direction matter? We wanted to answer this question and provide a little bit more information on the topic of the tyre tread direction of your bicycle.  Does Bike Tyre Tread Direction Matter? The rotational direction … Read more