Bike grips removal

how to remove old bike grips

If your handlebar grips have a sticky feeling this indicates the deterioration of the rubber. The only solution is replacing them as cleaning the bike grips will not solve the problem.  Removing push on bike grips Preparation. If there is a bar end plug then remove it. For the bar ends with a screw in … Read more

Bike handlebar height

Cycling should be comfortable. However, many modern bikes are design to offer more aerodynamic position. Luckily the bike handlebar height can be adjusted and in this article we will have a look at different ways of putting your upper body in a more upright position to enjoy a more comfortable ride. Tools required Metric allen … Read more

Quill stem replacement

quill stem

If your riding position position doesn’t feel quite right then you might change some components to improve it. One of them could be a quill stem. In this article we will show you the science behind it, how to choose a replacement and how to fit it. To change your upper body position. you can … Read more

Ahead stem replacement

Replacing Ahead stem

If you’re planning to replace an ahead stem then before you buy one you may want to know what the options are. Threadless stems come in variety of sizes and lengths and it is important to get the right one. This article will guide you through the process of choosing and fitting the right replacement.  … Read more

How to install butterfly handlebars

how to install butterfly handlebars

Are you planning a touring trip around the globe or just want to get more comfortable on your bike? Whatever the reason you should consider trekking bars. In this article you will be able to find out how to install butterfly handlebars and why they are not as common as the other bars. If your … Read more

Too much pressure on hands when cycling

Too much pressure on hands when cycling means that your riding position may not be right for you or you don’t have enough padding in the handlebar grips or bar tape. Do not fear, a few adjustments or additions can make your riding a more pleasant experience. Adjusting body position when there’s too much pressure … Read more

Correct height for bike seat and handlebars

Correct height for bike seat and handlebars

Today we are looking at the correct height for bike seat and handlebars. Having your saddle and handlebars set at the wrong height can make your bike uncomfortable, inefficient and off putting. A saddle that is too low can cause knee strain and a saddle too high can cause hip pain. If the handlebars aren’t … Read more

How To Tighten Bike Handlebars | The Simple Guide

hoe to tighten bike handlebars

There are many cycle maintenance elements that come with owning a bike. The problem is, often these elements are overlooked. This is because not everyone is aware of how important the maintenance of certain bike parts actually is. Here at Cycle Maintenance Academy, we want to make sure that we can equip you with the … Read more

How To Adjust Bike Handlebars

how to adjust bike handlebars

When riding a bike, many people experience discomfort. What many people don’t realise is the significance of the handlebars and the importance of adjusting them to be the correct height and the correct position for riding. This article aims to help guide you step by step regarding how to adjust bike handlebars correctly.  Firstly, making … Read more