Bicycle repair shop Sale Manchester

Here at Cycle Maintenance Academy, we are committed to delivering high quality cycle maintenance services with qualified mechanics. Whether your bike needs to be repaired or you want one of our assessments, we’re here to help at our bicycle repair shop Sale Manchester.

Bicycle repair shop Sale services:

  • Free 30-minute bike assessment: We like to put our customers first with our free bike assessment. You can book a slot online here: free bike check here.  We will offer a free quote recommending what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. You then decide if you want us to go ahead. 
  • Free online bike repair tutorials: If you are more of a hands-on person, you might be interested in our free online bicycle maintenance and repair guides which you can view on our blog. We also have a YouTube channel where we demonstrate repair tutorials because we want cycle maintenance to be accessible for anyone and everyone. Some useful videos for common bicycle issues include: ‘replacing bike chain’ and ‘how to fix a puncture’.

Some of the repairs we offer at our bicycle repair shop Sale


  • Brake adjustment – £11
  • Brake pads fitting – £16.50 (brake adjustment)
  • Brake cable replacement – from £16.50 (brake adjustment)
  • Brake bleeding – £27.50 (per brake)
  • Hydraulic brake installation, including hose shortening and bleeding – £35 (per brake)


  • Chain replacement – £11
  • Cassette/freewheel installation – £22
  • Crankset installation – £22
  • Drivetrain cleaning (chain rings, cassette/freewheel, chain, jockey wheels) – £60


  • Gear cable replacement – £33 (including gear adjustment)
  • Gear shifter replacement – £38.50 (including gear alignment)
  • Gear mech hanger replacement – £11
  • Derailleur replacement – £38.50 (including gear alignment)
  • Gear adjustment – £22 per gear


  • Tyre replacement – £18.50 (tyre not included)
  • Puncture repair – £9
  • Wheel replacement – £20
  • Spoke replacement (front wheel) – £33 (including wheel truing. Spoke price not included)
  • Spoke replacement (rear wheel) – £38.50 (including wheel truing. Spoke price not included)
  • Wheel truing – £22
  • Wheel building – £55

These repair prices include VAT and exclude parts.

More about us:

We wanted to offer locals a way to explore the miles of traffic free scenic routes that sat on their doorstep. From this we also began to serve as the local bike repair and cycling advice shop. Our love of this wonderful and sustainable mode of transport and for the city in which we live, drove us to opening the bicycle repair shop Sale. We wanted to help people get the best out of their bike, their city and their time.

To find out more about the Cycle Maintenance Academy team, Sarah, Arek and Mary visit our about us page.

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To book a repair or free bike assessment,  please do not hesitate to contact us or book your free bike check here. We look forward to getting your bike back on the road.