Bike cassette removal

bike cassette removal

Bike cassette removal is an important part of cycle maintenance, but you may be wondering how to remove a bike cassette and why do we need to do it? Here are some of the reasons why you might need to remove a bike cassette: To wash it- A clean cassette will look and perform better. … Read more

Freewheel Removal

freewheel removal

Ever wondered  how to remove a freewheel from a bicycle wheel? If so, you have come to the right place. Learn the correct steps involved in freewheel removal with Cycle Maintenance Academy.  A) What is a freewheel? B) A freewheel is the name for the cluster of cogs on the back wheel. A) Hang on, … Read more

Replacing bike chain

replacing bike chain

A chain is the beating heart of your bicycle, without it you cannot drive your bike forward. Sometimes you will need to know how to replace a bike chain which we explain in 8 simple steps. The main reasons for replacing bike chain include that the chain is worn, rusty and stiff, missing or just … Read more

Indexing Gears

indexing gears

Having your gears properly indexed, that is, one “click” in the lever moving the chain precisely to the next cog, makes your cycling experience safer and more enjoyable. Gears that aren’t indexing properly can also be a sign that there is something wrong with your transmission. If you want to learn about indexing gears and … Read more

Cleaning bike drivetrain

Cleaning bike drivetrain

Cleaning the drivetrain is an important part of maintaining your bicycle. This is because a dirty transmission rides less efficiently as dirt collects around the sprockets, chain and derailleurs which can compromise their function. Another reason why cleaning bike drivetrain is important is that the components will last longer when clean as dirt mixes with … Read more

How to oil a bike chain

How to oil a bike chain

Knowing how to oil a bike chain is a useful skill and is important to keep the transmission running smoothly. In this blog post we are going to talk you through the following: Why do we need to lubricate a bicycle chain? What is a chain and how is it made? What should I use … Read more

How to use gears on a bike

How to use gears on a bike

Gears are designed to make pedalling comfortable in different circumstances. As you ride and practise changing gear, you will be able to find a pedalling speed that works for you and as you go uphill or find yourself with a tail wind, you will be able to change your gear to help you maintain that … Read more

How to fix a broken bike chain

how to fix a broken bike chain

If your chain is broken and you are away from your destination, it is impossible to ride your bike. Where the chain is broken, you will need to remove the broken bits of link. Let’s take a look at how to fix a broken bike chain. Tools Needed Chain rivet extractor: This is designed to … Read more

How To Change Gears On a Road Bike

how to change gears on a road bike

Changing gears on a road bike is different from a mountain or hybrid bike but simple when you know how, so today we’re going to look at how to change gears on a road bike.  Bikes with drop bars provide more hand positions than bikes with flat bars which is sometimes seen as an advantage … Read more

How To Remove A Bike Chain

how to remove a bike chain

When it comes to cycle maintenance there are a variety of things to consider, one of them being the chain. From time to time  you may want to remove your bike chain. This may be because you want to clean it, replace it or change front or rear mechs. In this article we are going … Read more