Flat bar shifters not comfortable

If your flat bar shifters are not comfortable it could be that they aren’t in the correct position. Moving them even slightly could help you access the levers more easily, improving  gear changing  efficiency. Many flat bar shifters have an indicator showing either the gear number or whether you have selected a high or low … Read more

Crank arms installation

hollwtech II crank arms

There are many types of crank arms for your bike. Learn about all the differences between crank arms to choose the correct replacement and find out how to install it on your bike. If you need to remove your left crank arm first and want a help then you can find a clear guidance on … Read more

Left crank arm removal

left crank arm removal

The crank arms are attached to the bottom bracket axle and have a pedal at the other end. Removing a left crank arm can be a tricky task because there are many different pedal arm fittings. But don’t worry, with our help and guidance you will be able to easily remove pedal arm on a … Read more

Chain keeps coming off bike

If a chain keeps coming off bike then this is a sign that there might be an issue with your gears, chain or the wheel. In this article we are going to look at the reasons why the chain keeps coming off and how to solve it. Chain keeps coming off bike with gears Putting … Read more

Replacing internal gear cables on bike

Internally routed cables are more resistant to the weather and make the bike look neater. However, replacing internal gear cables on bike can be a tricky task. In time-honoured fashion, CMA will show you how to tackle the job in easy steps. Tools required To make the task easier you will need: 5 mm allen … Read more

How to replace rear derailleur

replacing rear derailleur

Changing the rear derailleur might be more complicated that it first looks so today we are going to look at how to replace rear derailleur and how to choose one that is compatible. How to replace rear derailleur with a compatible one Bike type compatibility.  Although road and MTB derailleurs differ, in some cases you … Read more

Replacing gear cable on bike

If you have a rusty cable, or one that snapped then your gears will shift poorly or even stop working and the cable will need to be changed. If replacing gear cable on bike feels like a tricky task to you then do not fear. In this article we will guide you through this process … Read more

Bike cassette replacement

bike cassette replacement

If you’ve removed your cassette to transfer it to a new or different wheel, clean it or work on the wheel you will need to refit it. Following on from our last guide where we explained bike cassette removal we have put together a tutorial on bike cassette replacement. Reasons for bike cassette replacement Removing it … Read more