One piece crank bottom bracket overhaul

One piece crank overhaul cover

Maintaining your bike is crucial to its longevity and performance. One of the most important components of your bike is the bottom bracket, which allows the crank to rotate smoothly. If your bike has a one piece crank bottom bracket then it’s a good idea to service it once in a while. This is because … Read more

Bike bottom bracket standards

Bike bottom bracket standards cover

Without it, there would be no pedals and no cranks. Yes, I’m talking about the bike’s bottom bracket. Just like a vital functioning organ, the bottom bracket can’t be seen and when it’s functioning properly can’t be heard. But just like other parts of your bike, it will wear out. When the time comes to … Read more

Replacing internal gear cables on bike

Internally routed cables are more resistant to the weather and make the bike look neater. However, replacing internal gear cables on bike can be a tricky task. In time-honoured fashion, CMA will show you how to tackle the job in easy steps. Tools required To make the task easier you will need: 5 mm allen … Read more

How to install butterfly handlebars

how to install butterfly handlebars

Are you planning a touring trip around the globe or just want to get more comfortable on your bike? Whatever the reason you should consider trekking bars. In this article you will be able to find out how to install butterfly handlebars and why they are not as common as the other bars. If your … Read more

How to replace rear derailleur

replacing rear derailleur

Changing the rear derailleur might be more complicated that it first looks so today we are going to look at how to replace rear derailleur and how to choose one that is compatible. How to replace rear derailleur with a compatible one Bike type compatibility.  Although road and MTB derailleurs differ, in some cases you … Read more

Too much pressure on hands when cycling

Too much pressure on hands when cycling means that your riding position may not be right for you or you don’t have enough padding in the handlebar grips or bar tape. Do not fear, a few adjustments or additions can make your riding a more pleasant experience. Adjusting body position when there’s too much pressure … Read more

Replacing gear cable on bike

If you have a rusty cable, or one that snapped then your gears will shift poorly or even stop working and the cable will need to be changed. If replacing gear cable on bike feels like a tricky task to you then do not fear. In this article we will guide you through this process … Read more

How to adjust limit screws

Every front and rear derailleur will have two screws. Without them your chain will be pushed out of its cogs, learn how to adjust limit screws here.

In this blog we are going to teach you how to adjust limit screws. Every front and rear derailleur will have two screws that control how far it moves at its limits. Without them the derailleur wouldn’t be able to stop when reaching the highest and lowest gear pushing the chain of the cogs. On … Read more

How to adjust bike disc brakes

how to adjust bike disc brakes

Knowing how to adjust bike disc brakes is a useful task that will definitely come in handy if you are a regular cyclist. It is one of those tasks that is simple to learn but requires patience to master. Don’t give up! Before you attempt to adjust your disc brakes, you will need to ascertain … Read more