Bike cassette replacement

bike cassette replacement

If you’ve removed your cassette to transfer it to a new or different wheel, clean it or work on the wheel you will need to refit it. Following on from our last guide where we explained bike cassette removal we have put together a tutorial on bike cassette replacement. Reasons for bike cassette replacement Removing it … Read more

How to wash a bike

How to wash a bike

Cleaning your bike regularly will prolong the life of the components. Frequent cleaning makes the process easier as dirt that is ingrained is harder to remove. In this blog post we explain how to wash a bike correctly.  Bikes are designed to be ridden in wet conditions, so you shouldn’t be afraid to wash them … Read more

How to size a bike

how to size a bike

Bicycles not only come in different types and models, but also in different sizes. In this blog we’re going to look at how to size a bike including what the sizes mean and how to choose the correct bike. A bike that is sized correctly will not only perform better, it will be more comfortable … Read more

Names of bicycle parts

names of bicycle parts

Every part on a bicycle has a name. Some names of bicycle parts will be familiar and are used regularly in speech. Wheels, tyres and brakes for example.  Other words are used in different contexts such as cassette, flip-flop and dropout. Some words will be totally new to everyone except for the most ardent cyclist … Read more

Bicycle Inner Tubes

bicycle inner tubes

What are bicycle inner tubes made of? Latex inner tubes –  Latex is a natural rubber that is lighter weight than butyl and more expensive. The tubes are very elastic and lightweight and they are used to reduce rolling resistance. However, they lose air quicker than butyl tubes and usually can’t be repaired once they … Read more

Our Beginners Cycle Maintenance Courses


Can’t make head or tail of your bike? Not to worry, we are here to help with our in-depth beginners cycle maintenance courses. This will enable you to take care of your bike instantly, with confidence. You can purchase our full beginners courses at Learn the art of basic bike maintenance with one of … Read more

Welcome to Cycle Maintenance Academy

Cycle Maintenance Academy is a team of expert cycle mechanics and instructors from Manchester. We provide tips, tricks and guides to assist you in the maintenance of your bike.  If you are wanting to learn the basics about taking care of your bike you’re at the right place. Our approach is to share as much … Read more