Welcome to Cycle Maintenance Academy

Cycle Maintenance Academy is a team of expert cycle mechanics and instructors from Manchester. We provide tips, tricks and guides to assist you in the maintenance of your bike. 


If you are wanting to learn the basics about taking care of your bike you’re at the right place. Our approach is to share as much of our experience, enthusiasm and expertise as we can. The purpose of our content is to improve your bicycle maintenance knowledge and capabilities. Our aim is to be your first and last stop to understanding how to take care of your bike and carry out basic repairs. 

What is the purpose of Cycle Maintenance Academy?

  • To improve your knowledge of your bike
  • Easy to follow learning process
  • Expert tips and advice

Not only do we provide a variety of blogs and videos to answer all your cycle maintenance related questions, we also have beginners cycle maintenance courses available to purchase. The benefit of our courses are that they are in-depth step by step beginners guides covering everything you need to know. The three courses available include ‘The Anatomy of a Bike’, ‘Cycle Maintenance Basics’ and ‘Taking Care of Your Bike’.

To find out more about the team, Mary, Sarah and Arek you can visit our about us page or contact us for any other queries. If you come across a cycle maintenance or cycle repair issue that you can’t quite fix yourself even with the help of our videos, head down to our bicycle repair shop Sale and we will be happy to help.

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  1. Very good topic. From my own experience I agree with your observations and conclusions. Great videos . Glad you moved into video world.


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