Bike Disc Brake Pad Replacement

bike disc brake pad

If your brakes are squeaky or not performing very well you may need to replace the pads. In this blog we are going to look at bike disc brake pad replacement. Before you jump on the task, watch our video on how to stop bicycle disc brakes from squeaking as just replacing the pads may … Read more

How To Assemble a Bike

how to assemble a bike

Buying a bike online means that it will be delivered to you partly assembled. In this blog we are going to look at assembling a bike so that it is safe and comfortable to ride. Stay relaxed, take your time and learn how to assemble a bike the Cycle Maintenance Academy way. You might even … Read more

Bike Brake Adjustment

bike brake adjustment

To make your brakes work to their optimum, there are 3 bike brake adjustment. Learn everything you need to know about bike brake adjustment with the team at Cycle Maintenance Academy. Pad position– To achieve the maximum braking power the whole surface of the pad should hit the rim. Too high, and it may rub … Read more