Sram parts compatibility

If any of your Sram components break, you will need to know if the replacement part is compatible. Today we are going to talk about Sram parts compatibility and whether you can mix parts from different Sram group sets and disciplines. Companies like Sram research and develop their components to offer the maximum performance.

Sram’s strategy is to design components that are interchangeable within the range. This means that, for example,  you can replace some components from one MTB groupset into another without losing the quality of riding.

Sram parts compatibility – Green, amber and red

There are a number of ways to view compatibility. We have divided these compatibility concepts into three groups, red, amber and green.

Red describes components that don’t work with each other. For example X-actuation mountain bike shifting components and exact-actuation road bike components are not interchangeable. This is because they have a different pull ratio.

Amber describes components that in theory work with each other but the cross compatibility is unconfirmed by Sram. There are  examples of people trying to mix components in a way not recommended by Sram but they still work, however the result isn’t perfect. For example, fitting a 10speed Sram Apex rear derailleur; maximum 32 tooth capacity with a Sram PG-1030 cassette that has 36 teeth on the lowest gear might work, but the shifting to the lowest gear might be difficult and top jockey wheel might rub causing a lot of noise.

Green is the compatibility recommended by the manufacturer. These components will work well together because they have been successfully tested in theory and practice by Sram experts.. For example Sram XX1 Eagle crankset can be successfully used with a Sram GX Eagle cassette.

Sram parts compatibility within MTB components

Green compatibility

  • 7 – 9 speed components. All the Sram transmission components X3, X4, X5 and X7 are interchangeable.

This means that the Sram X5 shifter will be compatible with the X4 rear derailleur.

  • 10 speed components. All the 10 speed components from the following group sets: X5, X7, X9, GX, XO and XX are interchangeable.

Exceptions: Sram X7, X5 10 speed derailleurs are also compatible with 9 speed MTB components.

  • 11 speed components. All the 11 speed components from the following group sets: NX, GX, XO1 and XX1 are interchangeable.
sram parts 11 speed mtb compatibility
  • 12 speed components.  All the 12 speed components from the following groupsets: SX eagle , NX eagle , GX eagle, X01 eagle and XX1 eagle are cross compatible.
sram parts eagle compatibility
  • 12 speed electronic components. All the 12 speed electronic components from the following groupsets: GX Eagle AXS, X01 Eagle AXS and XX1 Eagle AXS are compatible with all 12 speed eagle components.
sram parts eagle electronic
  • 12 speed XD cassettes are compatible with XDR freehubs when used with a 1.85mm spacer behind the cassette.

Amber compatibility

  • All 10 speed MTB components use this same exact actuation as 10 speed road components. Because of this the transmission parts can be interchangeable.

Red compatibility

  • Sram 7, 8 and 9 speed gearing components from the Atack, Rocket, Mrx and Centura range  are not interchangeable with other Sram 7, 8 and 9 speed components as they were designed to work with Shimano gearing that have a different pull ratio to Sram.
sram parts design to be used with shimano components
  • 10 and 11 speed rear derailleurs and shifters are not interchangeable. This is because 10 speed components use exact actuation and 11 speed use X actuation.
sram parts 10 and 11 speed mtb not compatible
  • 11 speed XD and PG cassettes are not interchangeable.
sram parts xd and pg cassettes
  • 12 speed XD and PG cassettes are not interchangeable.
  • 12 speed Eagle components are not backwards compatible. Mixing parts will compromise the performance of both 11-speed and 12-speed drivetrains.
  • Even if the pull ratio is compatible between a rear derailleur and levers, if the number of speeds is different on the cassette, the indexing won’t match. If it was just a case of an extra “click” on the lever, this example could go in the amber group, but the amount of cable being pulled differs in amount in each number of speeds.

Sram parts compatibility within road bike components


10 speed components. All the 10 speed components from the following group sets: Apex, Rival, Force and Red are interchangeable.

sram parts 10 speed road groupsets compatibility

1 x 11 speed components. All the 11 speed components from the following group sets:  Apex1, Rival1, and Force 1  are interchangeable.

2x 11 speed components.  All the 2 x 11 speed components from the following group sets:  Rival 22, Force 22 and Red 22 are interchangeable.

sram parts 2x11 road compatibility

2 x 11 speed electronic components. Red etap shifting components are compatible with all  the 2 x 11 mechanical transmission parts.

1 x 12 speed electronic components. Designed for gravel riding. Rival XPLR Etap AXS . Force XPLR Etap AXS and Red XPLR Etap AXS are all interchangeable.

sram parts road 1x12 electronic groupsets

2 x 12 speed electronic components. Rival Etap AXS, Force etap axs Red etap axs shifting components are all cross compatible. The 


  • All  2 x 10 and 2 x 11 speed rear derailleurs are interchangeable because the components use this same Exact Actuation .


  • The flat top chain is not compatible with the Eagle chainset.
  • 1x 12 speed cranksets are not interchangeable with the 1 x 12 speed Wide cranksets.
  • 2 x 12 speed cranksets are not interchangeable with the 2 x 12 speed Wide cranksets.
What’s the difference between cheaper and more expensive Sram components?

The compatible components differ in price and there is a reason for this. Top of the range parts are made from better quality materials such as carbon fibre. This ensures longevity and lightness. Whichever replacement component you choose, high end or entry level, Sram assures that across the range the performance will stay the same.

Serial numbers and compatibility charts

If you’re not sure which part you’ve got then you can check this by typing the component’s serial number on the Sram’s service page. Here’s the link to their website:

Most modern Sram components will have the number printed or edged somewhere on the part. To help you to locate this number I’ve attached the link to their component serial locator file here.

For the full compatibility chart check this link to SRAM’s mountain bike compatibility map.

The link to mountain bike electronic components compatibility map is here.

Road bike components compatibility map can be found here.

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