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Hi there, my name is Mary, bike maintenance instructor at Cycle Maintenance Academy and I am very pleased that you have decided to visit this page. So you’ve been going through different online cycle maintenance courses to find the one that suits you. Well look no further,

About cycle maintenance courses

Bikes are not just a mode of transport anymore. To a lot of us they are a part of our lifestyle, our companion. Because we care about our bikes we want to look after them.
I understand this. That’s why, together with my experienced team, we have created this engaging yet challenging online basic cycle maintenance course. Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience with you so you can take care of your bike instantly and with confidence, wherever you are.

Through my long experience in bike repairs I understand that making a first step in cycle maintenance can be a little overwhelming. This course will guide you through all the fundamentals of elementary cycle repairs and when you finish you will be able to understand and take care of your bike.

FREE Maintenance Course for you

I would like to use the opportunity to share some great news with you. We’ve reached an amazing milestone… an incredible HALF A MILLION views on our YouTube channel in the last 18 months. To say thank you to everyone who watched, have supported and still supporting us in creating cycle maintenance related content and celebrate this amazing fact we have decided to offer our Online Basic Maintenance Course free of charge (instead of £60).

cycle maintenance courses

What to find in our Basic Cycle Maintenance Course

This course is built out of 7 chapters. Each chapter focuses on different tasks carried out on the bicycle and contains lessons.

  • Introduction to the course
  • Chapter 1 – About a bike
  • Chapter 2 – Wheel removal and replacement
  • Chapter 3 – Tyre and innertube removal and replacement
  • Chapter 4 – Adjusting cable brakes
  • Chapter 5 – Removing and refitting a chain
  • Chapter 6 – Mending a puncture

Each chapter consists of lessons. We recommend to start from the beginning bearing  in mind that you can always refer back to previous lessons as you proceed. At the end of each chapter there will be a little quiz to verify what you’ve learned.

You can also join in a lesson’s discussions if they are enabled. Leave a post or reply to a thread to join the conversation.

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