How to tighten bike chain

how to tighten bike chain

If the chain on your single speed or hub gear bike keeps falling off or if it feels loose then it may need to be tightened. The chain gets loose over time because it wears and stretches. In this guide we explain how to tighten bike chain correctly.  The bike chain can only be tightened if … Read more

How to fit a childs bike seat

how to fit a childs bike seat

Children’s bicycle seats are a great way to transport your kids around, however they must be fitted securely. In this blog we’re going to look at which is the best style and how to fit a childs bike seat correctly to ensure they are safe and comfortable.  Not all bikes are suitable to fit child seats. … Read more

BMX Bottom Bracket

bmx bottom bracket

The type of bottom bracket generally found in a BMX is often referred to as “one piece” or “Ashtabula”. One piece refers to the crank and axle as they are a single unit and Ashtabula refers to Ashtabula County in Ohio where the BMX bottom brackets were made along with other bicycle parts. Preparation Lift … Read more

How to build a bike

How to build a bike

If you have bought your bike online, then it will need to be put together. You will need some tools, time and patience.  Follow our guide on how to build a bike and you’ll be able to be riding that new bike and not just looking at a cardboard box. Tools required Bike stand- The … Read more

How to install caliper brakes on bicycle

How to install caliper brakes on bicycle

In this article we explain how to install caliper brakes on bicycle and answer some of our most frequently asked questions on caliper brakes. Many of us are used to seeing powerful “v” brakes and disc brakes on bicycles, so what bikes are fitted with the humble caliper brake and why?  Vintage bikes: Most bikes … Read more

Bike brake cable replacement

Bike brake cable replacement

Bicycle brakes are an integral part of a bike because they are what stops it from moving. If they don’t work properly, they will need to be fixed before you can safely use your bike again. A bike brake stops the bicycle from moving by jamming rubber (rim brakes) or metal and fibres (disc brakes) … Read more

How to replace a spoke

How to replace a spoke

Spokes are an integral part of a wheel, if they become faulty or damaged, they should be replaced. Learn how to replace a spoke from the Cycle Maintenance Experts. They cross over each other to create triangular patterns offering a strong, lightweight structure.  Depending on how many times one spoke crosses over or under is … Read more

Bike cassette replacement

bike cassette replacement

If you’ve removed your cassette to transfer it to a new or different wheel, clean it or work on the wheel you will need to refit it. Following on from our last guide where we explained bike cassette removal we have put together a tutorial on bike cassette replacement. Reasons for bike cassette replacement Removing it … Read more

How to choose a bike

how to choose a bike

If you’ve ever decided that you want to buy a bike, you will have quickly realised that it isn’t as straightforward as knowing that you want two wheels.  We’ve broken down the task to help you sort your gravel from your full susser in this article; how to choose a bike. Before you start looking … Read more

Bike cassette removal

bike cassette removal

Bike cassette removal is an important part of cycle maintenance, but you may be wondering how to remove a bike cassette and why do we need to do it? Here are some of the reasons why you might need to remove a bike cassette: To wash it- A clean cassette will look and perform better. … Read more